Ways to Help Protect Yourself from Cybercrime

With new threats surfacing every year, cybercrime is an ongoing threat that continues to evolve. Cybercrime is so sophisticated these days that it’s almost impossible to prevent it. You can, however, take precautions to help protect against it.

Our latest article explores some of the precautionary measures you can take to help protect yourself and your business, ultimately reducing the amount of damage that cyber criminals can do.

Use strong passwords

Don’t repeat your passwords on different sites, and change your passwords regularly. Remember to use long and complex passwords that include numbers, letters and special characters.

Keep your software updated

This is especially important with your operating systems and internet security software. Cybercriminals frequently use known exploits, or flaws, in your software to gain access to your system. Patching those exploits and flaws can make it less likely that you’ll become a cybercrime target.

Keeping your software and operating system up to date ensures that you benefit from the latest security patches to protect your computer.

Never open attachments in spam emails

A classic way that computers get infected by malware attacks and other forms of cybercrime is via email attachments in spam emails. Never open an attachment from a suspicious sender you do not know.

Never give out personal information

Never give out personal data over the phone or via email unless you are completely sure the line or email is secure. Make certain that you are speaking to the person you think you are.

Especially if they use a crisis to pressure you into bypassing the usual security procedures. The attackers know that it is often easier to trick humans than to hack into a complex system. Remember banks and other legal groups will never ask you to reveal passwords.

Always back-up data

Create file back-ups, data back-ups and back-ups bandwidth abilities. This will help a company to retain its information in the event that extortion occurs.

DDos Security Capabilities

Include DDoS security capabilities. It is important to have the ability to avoid or absorb attacks meant to overwhelm or degrade your systems.

UTM – Unified Threat Management

Also known as ethical hacking, a process where we look at ways to hack and “break into” a client’s network, supply a report and close up all back doors and loopholes that cyber hackers will try and access.

Cybercrime Insurance

Protect your business with insurance coverage designed to address cyber risks. Cyber insurance coverage typically provides protection for costs associated with data breaches and extortion events. The right insurance program will also provide access to skilled professionals to manage the event from start to finish.

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