Privacy Policy

Gravity Office Solutions

The Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”) came into effect on 1 July 2020. POPIA regulates now personal information of natural and juristic entities must be processed (“data subjects”) and sets out certain obligations that must be complied with when processing personal information.

POPIA provides for a 1 year grace period during which a responsible party (party responsible for processing the Personal information of data subjects) must ensure compliance with the provisions of POPIA.

In order to ensure compliance with POPIA, Gravity Office Solutions is:

POPIA provides for 8 lawful processing conditions which a responsible party must comply with when processing personal information of data subjects, which conditions are —

  1. Accountability: The responsible party must implement measures to ensure compliance with the lawful processing conditions.
  2. Processing Limitation: The purpose of the processing of Personal information must be justifiable and must take place in a lawful, reasonable and non- excessive manner.
  3. Purpose Specification: Personal information must be collected and processed for a specific and defined purpose.
  4. Further Processing Limitation: Personal information may not be processed for a further purpose where such purpose is not compatible with the original purpose of the collection or where so authorises by the Information Regulator.
  5. Information Quality: The responsible party must ensure the personal information being processed is complete, accurate, not misleading and updates where necessary.
  6. Openness: The responsible party must notify the data subject of its processing activities.
  7. Security Safeguards: The responsible party must implement security safeguards to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the personal information is protected.
  8. Data Subject Participation: Data subjects have certain rights in terms of their personal information held by a responsible party, which includes requesting access thereto and the correction or deletion thereof.

Gravity Office Solutions has compiled a robust POPIA Compliance programme that is currently being rolled out internally which addresses the above-mentioned lawful processing conditions as well as all other requirements set out under POPIA.

Gravity Office Solutions POPIA Compliance

Under the POPIA Compliance Programme, GOS has:

  1. Reviewed its internal processes and created new processes to ensure compliance with the lawful processing conditions, including processes relates to the collection, storage and destruction of personal information;
  2. Update our internal policies to allow for the monitoring of compliance with the provisions of POPIA;
  3. Created a Privacy Policy, which will apply to GOS requiring compliance with the provisions of data privacy legislation, including POPIA, when processing personal information;
  4. Reviewer and updated all our agreements to provide for data privacy and protection in accordance with the requirements of POPIA;
  5. Implementing new and updating current security safeguards to ensure the proper protection of personal information processes by GOS;
  6. Created a process which allows data subjects to request access to, or the correction or deletion of their personal information held by GOS;
  7. Provided training to the various business areas within GOS to ensure they remain aware and up to date of their obligations under POPIA;
  8. Creates a Privacy Statement to ensure data subjects are notified of all of GOS processing activities in relation to their personal information;
  9. Improved GOS’ security and data breach processes to meet the requirements of POPIA.

GOS is committed to protecting individual and corporate personal information. GOS will only process personal information in accordance with the Provisions of POPIA and other applicable data privacy legislation.

In order to ensure compliance, GOS may contact you to request consent for specific processing activities, require you to sign a new agreement or addendum to provide for data privacy provisions, request you to verify and/or update your personal information or any other aa-hoc request which relates to complying with the provisions of POPIA.

If you have any questions, please contact us on [email protected]