Terms & Conditions

This quotation is completely and exclusively agreed upon between Gravity Office Solutions (“GOS”) and (“Customer”) and may not be distributed.


The below T & C’s cover the broad spectrum of our products, services and solutions. For in-depth T & C’s, please refer to the unique SLA pertaining to the product, service and/or solution you have entered into with GOS.


This quotation is excluding VAT and is valid for 7 days only.


Errors and Omissions are accepted. ROE is applicable at the time that the signed quotation is received by GOS.


All prices, services and products quoted, are subject to a final signed site survey document, all documentation being signed by the customer and bank approval in writing, if applicable.


Should the scope of work be adjusted, in any way, an amended quotation will be submitted and required to be signed off before any services can commence.


All Fibre, data links, microwave links and voice connectivity will be subject to a desktop feasibility and onsite survey being done by one of the GOS tier 1 carriers and approved connectivity and/or voice partners of choice. GOS is under very strict obligations to follow their due processes for site approval, period of time until deployment and the installation/roll out procedures. GOS has no power to manipulate scheduled dates for deployment or project timelines. GOS will however communicate a clear timeline and forecasted project completion date to the end Customer, as we are informed by our preferred partner. Updates or amendments to these timelines will be communicated timeously.


MRC stands for Monthly Recurring Charges and NRC stands for Non-Recurring Charges. These charges are billed in advance.


All Minutes and usage will be billed separately as and when applicable and in arrears.


No settlements have been factored into this quotation unless expressly stated or specified and agreed upon in writing. Settlements must be supplied in writing to GOS and GOS will only settle the agreed (rental x period remaining) on any of the opposition contracts and no service charges will be included. This must be settled by the client


Any service calls must be logged with the GOS Help Desk (011 467 6647) or emailed to [email protected]ffice.co.za or s[email protected]ffice.co.za with a clear fault description and error code if applicable. Calls can be logged on our website gravityoffice.co.za/contact-2 (Via “Contact us”). NO calls may be logged primarily and directly with any GOSD technical staff or their mobile phones or email addresses.


Any SLA on any of GOS product or Solutions does not cover any parts and/or components that have been damaged by lightning and/or power surging or by any Natural causes. This will fall under the customer’s short-term insurance policy.


In the event of an Insurance claim, GOS will not proceed with any product or replacement without an approved and signed replacement quote supplied by GOS or a letter in writing giving GOS permission to complete the required work and part/parts.


All network points, cabling, labour, delivery (if outside the 50km radius) and installation is excluded from this quotation unless otherwise stated in writing.


Any Access to the customer’s servers, network, desktops or laptops must be made available for any software installation to take place. GOS requests that the authorized IT administrator/ IT DEPT be present during the installation as GOS accepts no liability whatsoever for the network during installation and no claim can be levied against GOS on any downtime, network disruptions, losses in any manner concerned. The required client network information must be supplied so a successful installation can take place. Training will also be given to the IT person concerned.


GOS commits to a 6-8 working hour or next business day turnaround time for calls logged through the correct channels for Customers based within Gauteng. Any calls outside of Gauteng will be dealt with in a fair turnaround time (generally next business day). Any customers outside of a 50km radius may be subject to delivery charges associated with the AA rates. A possible variation in monthly service/labour and copy charges may be quoted as well.


Warranty on the equipment is subject only to:

    • Within the manufacturer’s period, the standard operational procedures as stated in the user manual of the product and a full investigation to ascertain the defect of the product and its cause.
    • The warranty period begins from the date of purchase by the customer. The warranty is subject to the standard warranty T’s & C’s as determined by GOS’s supplier. If the warranty claim is rejected, either an insurance claim or repair/ replacement quotation will be submitted and must be signed off for the damaged product to be restored back to the standard factory working specifications.


Insurance is excluded from the quotation unless otherwise stated and agreed to in writing. All liability resides with the customer in its own capacity and responsibility to ensure all products are adequately insured and covered at the then replacement cost as well as any excess payments required. Insurance is mandatory when the equipment is financed through our preferred finance houses and confirmation will be required for the financial institutions.


And this must be arranged by the customer in its own capacity.


Hardware installation and delivery is free within the Gauteng area (GP). If the end user is located outside of GP, GOS will quote separately for delivery and installation.


Please note that this is a separate cost from any CPE equipment deployed by the ISP, when it comes to voice and data, and any 3rd party software installation unless otherwise stated in writing. This is excluded from the installation scope and must been quoted on separately and agreed to by the customer before deployment can commence. All training as well on any hardware or software supplied is excluded unless specifically stated in the quotation.


If an interactive projector/ or SMART board is purchased with the 12 months free SMART software, GOS will provide a quotation for the cost per user that will require training. This specific software training is outsourced and GOS would oversee all necessary arrangements. The standard cost is R7 500.00 + Vat for 5 users and full day training.


Standard User training will be provided for All GOS security products, all printers and all PABX/ hosted voice products. Any ICT Software, OS, Window’s software that requires training, this is excluded from the quoted price unless otherwise stated.


Finance deals are subject to bank approval and all documents required having been submitted by the customer. All rental amounts are calculated per standard commercial rates. If, for whatever reason, GOS cannot get the deal approved through standard commercial channels, alternative rental factors, based on higher risk factors, will be applied automatically if the hardware has already been installed and in operation. If no equipment has been installed yet, the proposal will be amended to reflect these changes and the deal will be re-submitted on the customer’s approval. GOS will discuss and provide alternative Rental finance options should this need arise.


When settlement figures are requested, GOS will supply the rental and/ or fixed monthly SLA amounts as a combined settlement together and clearly state the amounts separately. The Customer/ or new supplier will be fully obligated to settle in full GOS’s settlement statement. No contract will be cancelled until settlement has been settled in full.


All Equipment remains the property of GOS until paid for in full. If a rental agreement is in place, ownership remains the property of GOS unless otherwise stated and agreed upon prior to installation and the ownership fees may vary. Please note that all SLA’s will continue as per the terms of the SLA contract irrelevant of the rental/ownership period and rental contract. If no ownership or cancellation has been agreed by the Customer, then subsequent to the initial rental and SLA period, the contract will continue for a further 12 months’ as an automatic renewal status called “Ever Green” AND notice to cancel will be required in writing within 90 days of the Ever-Green termination period.


SLA for all printers includes all toner, drum, parts, labour and travel within Gauteng and in accordance with standard manufacturer’s best practice.


Please refer to the SLA for the detailed terms & conditions applicable. The SLA on printers exclude: paper, staples, master rolls (for Duplo), waste toner bottles and any further IT callouts (post the initial installation, this will be charged at R650.00 + Vat per call out). No Hard Drive (HDD) installed in any printer will be covered under the SLA when damaged due to power surging and power dipping, lightning surges, any natural disasters, corrupted data with virus infections is installed onto the HDD. This will fall under your short-term policy.


All rental factors are linked to the prime rate and are variable in nature unless a fixed rate has been requested.


All GOS SLA’s contracts will increase by a minimum of10% per annum on anniversary date of the contract. This increase is calculated by taking into consideration various factors including but not limited to (ROE, CPI, OIL Price and the general cost of Labour/services accrued annually).


A monthly admin fee of R35.00 Pm + VAT per printer will be levied for the duration of the contract.


If the debit order option is refused a R30.00 + Vat per month fee will be charged for all EFT Payments


If any Debit Orders are returned a R250.00 + Vat fee will be charged below R5K invoice amount {Excl. Vat} or 10% of value if above.


All payments will attract Interest being charged at prime rate until arrears are paid and the account settled.


A R30.00 + Vat telephone fee will first be levied, where any printer is not on FM Audit and the manual meter readings have not been submitted to the Service Department by the 14th of a given month. A further R200.00 + VAT meter reading collection fee will be levied if our technicians have to come to site due to no compliance with readings being submitted (within a 50km radius from HQ).


Debit orders are required on all GOS’s SLA’s, managed services, connectivity SLA and rental contracts. (Debit order dates are as follows: 25th, 30th, 1st, 7th of the month)


Should the need arise for equipment to be brought back to the GOS service centre, and the client requires a temporary loan unit of the same or equal specification, one will be supplied at no additional charge while the faulty equipment is being repaired.


The initial IT installation for GOS printers will be free for up to 5 users. The customers IT administrator/ IT DEPT will be trained by GOS technical staff. If required, further hours and/or IT Call Out will be charged at R650.00 + Vat per hour or part thereof and will be reviewed annually based on various factors.


GOS Return Policy:


Should the product be faulty and/or missing any parts or accessories at the time of delivery/collection, please notify us within 3 working day of such delivery/collection by logging a complaint in writing through our Service Centre. GOS will then arrange to collect the product from you or will attempt to resolve and fix the product either onsite or remotely. If we have collected the product, we will first inspect the product and validate your return and complaint (subject to there be no negligence, deliberate damage, missing manuals, books, software disc’s or damaged suppliers box, we will at your choice either repair/ fix the products, replace the product with the exact same product as quoted or credit your account with the purchase price of the product, less any handling fees imposed by the manufacturers if applicable.


GOS reserves the right to charge a 20% handling fee, if the product has been returned within 3 working days, subject to the item being in the same condition as when purchased, the box, cables, disc, operators manual are all supplied back to GOS in the same condition as received. If any items are missing or have been damaged, GOS reserves the right to charge for the damaged or missing items and this will need to be paid for before any items can be collected from the customer.


After 3 working days, no returns (that fall outside of the warranty or any manufacturer’s warranty policy) will be accepted.


Returns on Defective Products:

  • For the purposes of this clause “Defective Products” refer to a material imperfection in the manufacturing of a product or any characteristic of a product, which makes the product less acceptable than one would reasonably be entitled to expect in the circumstances.
  • The following will NOT be regarded as defects and will not entitle the customer to a return:
    • faults resulting from normal wear and tear;
    • damage arising from negligence, user abuse or incorrect usage of the product;
    • damage arising from electrical surges or sea air corrosion or any damage from any natural causes, theft even partly, riot, Fire;
    • damage arising from a failure to adequately care for the product
    • or any attempts to set up, configure, deploy the product without the necessary skill and proven qualifications;
    • if no telephonic/ written communication and/ or remote support has not been requested (when customer encounters set up and installation problems) and logged with GOS and GOS must have been given a fair opportunity to resolve either by onsite or remote access and trying to resolve the fault being experienced.
    • damage arising from unauthorized alterations to the product;
    • where the specifications of a product, although accurately described on the Website and generally fit for its intended purpose, do not suit you and/ or your companies’ requirements; and in relation to Unboxed Deals or used products and signs of handling and/or repackaging.


If the customer returns a defective product to GOS, but fails to return all of the accessories and parts that were sold with that product, GOS are entitled to (subject to applicable law) refuse the return, or to estimate the value of the missing accessories and parts and only to credit or refund/ replace in respect of the returned item and deduct any handling fees applicable.


The length of any SLA contract is laid out in the standard T & C’s for the SLA pertaining to the product, services/ solutions.