Step In to the Future: Digitizing Classrooms

A strong push for the digitization of contemporary classrooms is a very apparent trend and one openly embraced by today’s education planners and curriculum designers as well as school administrators. In classrooms all over the country, Interactive Smart Boards are being installed. This technology not only enhances the way educators teach but also the way students learn.

As the need grows for more collaborative learning spaces, so does the demand for technology. Gravity is embracing immersive learning with intelligent digital classroom environments. Designed to inspire and enhance the classroom experience for teachers and learners alike. As the digital classroom develops, collaboration and interactivity are becoming an everyday feature.

With great success in the Southern Suburbs in Johannesburg, Gravity is digitizing the education system one school at a time, from interactive smart boards to world-class media centres. Uplifting libraries, tech centres and interactive learning rooms. Overhauling old infrastructure and technology and replacing it with the future. With global industry-leading brands such as Hikvision and Sharp, no project is too difficult and no idea is too big.

The initiative comes from all levels, starting with students, who now routinely grow up with technology and expect it in the classroom. This sentiment extends to parents, teachers and principals, reaching all the way to educational authorities like departments of education.

Gravity Office Solutions is pioneering the transition from traditional teaching into the future, for a more digital and tech savvy generation of students. By combining tried and tested teaching methods with ground-breaking technology, we are driving the digital revolution for schools throughout South Africa.

Does your school need to step into the future? Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 011 467 6647.