Reasons to Outsource Your IT Services

Technology has become central to business functions and success, making the need for dedicated IT staff undeniable. The question many businesses have to face is whether they should be building an in-house team or outsourcing their IT functions to a Managed Services Provider. Find out why Outsourcing IT support to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), could be the right move for your business right now.

Cost Savings

This is by far the most important reason in the minds of most companies, the bottom line. With a managed service contract, you pay a fixed monthly amount, however you can choose the levels of service you require offering flexibility to suit your business needs.  Additional support is available as and when it’s required and you only pay for what you use and when you need it.

Partnering with a managed IT services provider also helps save further costs on hiring in-house IT staff and investing in their continued training around emerging technologies and security measures.

Focus on Core Business

Outsourcing your IT needs frees up resources so you can concentrate on your core competencies and, most importantly, growing your business. If you and your employees have to worry about IT glitches and struggles, it’s going to carry over into your daily working environment. Outsourcing this function to a team of experts means one less worry on the table and more peace of mind.

By outsourcing with access to the very best IT expertise, this adds significant value to a business because it enables personnel to focus on core initiatives that contribute to business growth and profitability.

If your enterprise is fortunate enough to have a solid in-house IT manager and IT experts, outsourcing IT will enable them to focus on core initiatives and competencies.  This means you are maximising the skills of the IT staff instead of them being required to be a jack of all trades which in most business environments, does not work well.  The IT staff can then tap new opportunities and explore new initiatives that help you diversify your company.

Specialised Personnel

Outsourcing your IT management to a dedicated service provider means that you have access to a team of technology engineers who are dedicated and specialized in specific IT fields and are continually training and learning the latest industry trends.

You can rest assured knowing that the IT Company is going to have all the right credentials and certifications in place that will allow you to have the most experienced professionals in your back pocket. This ensures your IT infrastructure is maintained using industry best practices and issues are fixed quickly.

Proactive Management and Monitoring

With a proactive support model, you Managed IT service provider monitors your systems 24/7 to identify problems before they happen and keep downtimes to a minimum. You get to focus on your business operations and planning and leave the rest to a team of professionals with an interest in keeping your infrastructure and network in good health.

In addition, to network monitoring, software updates and installations on devices can be automated to maintain the integrity of your network.  Server network diagnostics can also be carried out preventing problems arising in the first place.

Predictable Expenditure/Budget Control

Managed IT services can help your business scale without requiring further investment in IT staff. As systems are proactively maintained, unexpected IT costs should be limited. With a proactive management plan and standard level agreement, you get peace of mind, dedicated focus and predictability.

Time Saving

Your internal IT resources are likely to be extremely busy – outsourcing can reduce this burden by saving valuable time and will relieve internal staff of time-consuming tasks.  As technology changes at such a fast speed it can be hard to keep up with evolving technology which can be both challenging and time consuming.

With all these factors considered, the answer becomes clear—outsourcing IT functions to an experienced and reputable Managed Service Provider makes sense for a lot of businesses.

With a Managed Service Plan, you’ve got an IT-provider who’s on your side. They’ll do whatever they can to stop your systems and technology from breaking in the first place and keep it running in perfect condition.

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