Our most recent Solar project

Protea School - Rustenburg

Laerskool Protea Park faced a common challenge that many institutions and businesses encounter today – the constant threat of power outages and load shedding. Recognizing the need for a reliable and sustainable energy solution, the school approached us to address their energy woes.

The Vision: A 120 KW Solar Array with 150 KW Inverting Capacity

Our team embarked on a visionary project – the installation of a cutting-edge 120 KW solar array with an impressive 150 KW inverting capacity. This installation would not only provide Laerskool Protea Park with an abundant source of clean energy but also ensure that the school would never again face disruptions caused by load shedding or power outages during critical school hours.

Our Role in Making It Happen: Installation and Approvals

Bringing this vision to life required meticulous planning, expert execution, and a deep understanding of both solar technology and regulatory processes. We were proud to be entrusted with the responsibility of transforming Laerskool Protea Park’s energy landscape.

Our team of skilled professionals took charge of the installation process, ensuring that every solar panel was meticulously placed to maximise energy absorption. We also handled the complex task of obtaining the necessary approvals and navigating through the regulatory landscape with ease to provide our clients with a hassle-free experience.

The Result: A School Powered by the Sun, Even on Cloudy Days

Today, Laerskool Protea Park enjoys the benefits of clean, sustainable energy. Our solar array not only powers the school’s classrooms, offices, and facilities but also contributes to a brighter, greener future for generations to come. The school has reduced its power and monthly costs by 50%. Referals available on request.

Ready to take the leap towards a sustainable future? Join us in the solar revolution. Whether you’re a school, business, or homeowner, we have the expertise and passion to design, install, finance and maintain solar solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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