Data & Connectivity Solutions

Gravity fibre powered by Mesh Telecoms. We offer a number of connectivity solutions tailored to specific client requirements, including licensed microwave solutions, LTE, fibre optic, SDWan, MPLS, point to point, data hosting and business broadband. If fast, reliable, secure internet is what you’re looking for, then our end-to-end connectivity solutions will be ideal for you.

Dedicated Premium Connectivity

How it Works

From emails to e-commerce, reliable, safe and fast internet access can be vital for the day-to-day running of your business.


Gravity Office’s Business Broadband Fibre delivers high-speed, business-class internet access – ideal for customers who rely on consistent and secure internet for their businesses.


Our comparison service makes it easy to find the right business broadband deal, at a price you can afford.

Line Speed
Costing PM
10Mbps Mesh Business Broadband Fibre Uncapped
20Mbps Mesh Business Broadband Fibre Uncapped
50Mbps Mesh Business Broadband Fibre Uncapped
100Mbps Mesh Business Broadband Fibre Uncapped
  • Symmetrical Full Duplex Uncapped Bandwidth.
  • No Fair Usage Policy (FUP).
  • 1 x Public IP Address.
  • Business Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Low Contention (2:1).
  • Business Application Prioritization.


Microwave/Wireless Connections


Gravity Office provides reliable licensed Microwave services. Microwave is perfect for those hard-to-reach areas where Fibre is not available. Uptime is never compromised and installation rates are low.


LTE Uncapped


Get Uncapped LTE connectivity for your business. Simple connectivity that’s affordable without any fixed line installation needed. Use as much data as you want without worrying about hitting data caps or having to top-up.


Pre-paid Connectivity Services


Gravity Office offers prepaid connectivity services to meet your business’ budget. Give yourself the freedom to choose between a variety of cost-effective packages and add on data as your needs change.