Best Places to Install Security Cameras in a Business Environment

Many business owners install video surveillance cameras to protect employees, customers and valuable assets from costly threats, such as internal or external theft and fraudulent activity.

According to the 2020 South African Crime Statistics, robbery at non-residential premises has increased by 3,3% over the last year. With the instances of crime-related activity on the rise, surveillance cameras are a crucial tool when it comes to safekeeping your business, but only when strategically placed and installed correctly.

Here are the most strategic places to install your business CCTV systems:

The Entrances/Exits

Prominently featuring security cameras at the building’s entrances and exits will not just allow you to track who’s inside your building and how long they stay, but will also act as a deterrent to anyone considering committing a crime.

Another idea that works as an excellent deterrent is to have monitors installed near the entrance. This will make your visitor aware of the fact that he is under observation right from the moment he sets foot in your organization.

If you want to get a clear picture of a person’s face, it’s wise to place the camera near an item that will catch the eye, such as a TV monitor or prominent sign. When they turn to see the object, the camera will capture a full picture.

Reception Area

In most businesses, the reception area is highly trafficked, so it should be covered by a security camera. You can do it subtly, if that’s your preference, as modern technology makes cameras so small they can easily be blended into your décor.

Work Places

If you want to keep an eye on your employees and their work habits, it makes sense to place security cameras in these areas. This will make it easier for you to keep tabs on employee activities and behaviours.

Whether it is instances of slackness, workplace bullying, some other form of harassment and misbehaviour that you’re looking for, you can get all the footage you need to investigate such matters and bring them to a close.

Store Rooms

You may want to think about planting cameras in areas where you store your sensitive documents in a physical or an electronic form. This will go a long way in helping you monitor restricted areas and seeing who is accessing confidential files and records without authorization.

Customer Interaction Points

These are very sensitive points and security cameras here are a must, especially if you’re in a business which involves several monetary transactions with your customers. This includes areas where you have your cash registers, teller stations, and other transaction points.

Wherever there are cash registers, there should be cameras, of course. This will not only discourage customers from stealing but also employees. When you mount cameras at these spots, be sure not to mount the cameras too high. You want to capture people’s faces and not the top of their heads.


Your warehouse is where you store a great deal of valuable inventory, and hence it can become a prime target for theft and other such crimes. You need to protect it. Mount cameras inside and outside to stop crime in its tracks.

To get the best possible recording, keep your warehouse well-lit at all times. If you can’t see the culprits, the camera’s presence is in vain.

Secluded Areas

Parking lots, back alleys, and dumpsters are important strategic locations for installing security cameras. These areas are infamous for occurrences of violence and vandalism. While it might seem strange to put security cameras in places that are rarely visited, these spots are the places where crime is planned.

It is recommended that you install floodlights and security cameras in these locations.


Installing security cameras will keep your business and your employees safe from harm. If you need assistance determining which cameras would best suit your needs, or if you need help installing them, contact us for more information.