Information & Communications Technology

Information Technology & Communications
Skilled IT Service Provider

Nowadays companies need an IT service provider who is skilled in multiple office technologies such as communication, networking, office automation and cybersecurity technology as it gives us critical insight into the integration and management of these technologies thus giving us the experience and advantage of applying and discovering our own best practices integration between. Gravity Office can assist you with all your ICT needs.


Having multiple service providers try work together on the same networks results in figure pointing and shifting of responsibility ultimately leaving the client with vulnerabilities and inefficiencies.

Our Core services

Video Conferencing

With constant enhancements in connectivity, consumer platforms such as Skype have become powerful VC solutions, with the right endpoints we are able to offer cost effective solutions as well as high end corporate video conferencing and collaboration systems.

Smart (Interactive) Classroom

Our E-Learning solutions include industry leading interactive whiteboards with brands such as Epson and our smartboards to compliment popular e-learning platforms. Education is fast becoming a global community through the power of the internet. The digital trends and enhancement in cloud based learning with interactive solutions for our children is where the world is moving and we ensure schools keep up with the trends.

IT SLA & Work Group Support

Our tailor-made remote and onsite service support for Microsoft Exchange, Office, Windows and server support, is top class, personal yet highly professional. We believe in relationships and excellence must go together.

Hosting and Disaster Recovery

We provide virtual and physical server hosting within the borders of the country as well as Microsoft Azure. By ensuring all data is safely stored and hosted in a secure environment, you have peace of mind when it comes to the moment of crisis.

Backup Power

UPS, inverters, battery banks and generator connected systems.


Antivirus, firewall, security audits and vulnerability testing.

Hardware Infrastructure

MCS Certified Hardware Products

Network Infrastructure

Wired and wireless infrastructure, access points, switches, cabling, and server cabinets.

LAN/WAN Cable Deployments

Data storage/ Cloud based solutions

Our data storage supports cloud, hosted and onsite network storage and we build this around the needs of our client’s.