Hosted Voice

Cloud / Hosted

Our HPBX solution is a highly available PABX system with a localised and mirrored data centre. We offer a 99% up-time without our customers having to plan for complicated redundant hardware setups, while offering many PABX features you would expect from an onsite PABX.


We support a wide range of open source SIP hardware and software end points including conference phones, desk phones and cordless. Our service is also flexible in regards to terms for companies who require our services for a trial or short term projects.

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Yealink is a global leading provider of unified communication & collaboration solutions. Focusing on research….

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Grandstream delivers an entire communications solution in one powerful and easy to manage deployment…

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Key Services


Our onsite solutions include hybrid or full IP systems which can form a central PABX for multiple branches. HPBX (Hosted PABX) allows our customers to connect to our cloud PABX wherever they have a data connection around the world using a wide range of devices including their own smartphone.

Mobile Solutions

Smartphone enabled softphone for remote and home workers, DECT, cordless, WiFi handsets and two-radio for warehousing.

Call Recording

Our recording solutions include standard recording for training and quality control or advanced recording for legal and compliance requirements.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Reduce travel costs, record meetings and broadcast training via our immersive room or plug and play systems.

Call Centres

Reporting, campaign management, scripting, automatic diallers, social media integration and automated interaction.

Skype for Business Integration

Future proof your business by integrating your Skype for Business contact and presence list to control your PABX.