Voip, Fibre Connect, Broadband Connect
Voice & Data Solutions

We provide our customers with voice and data solutions over Fibre and Wireless which utilise the ubiquitous fibre footprint of Dark Fibre Africa and the resilient presence of the largest data centre in South Africa Teraco, reducing costs while increasing performance and reliability

Dedicated Premium Connectivity

How it Works

Dedicated Premium Business are connections delivered over Fibre or Wireless Microwave and are backed by service agreements which guarantee the performance and uptime.

These connections are suitable for businesses which not only need the performance but cannot afford loss of income and productivity due to downtime and view it as an investment.

Installation Fees subject to period of contract and Line Speed requested.

Line Speed
36 Months
10m b/s
T2 150.50 pm
20m b/s
T2 645.50 pm
50m b/s
T4 264.50 pm
100m b/s
T6 245.50 pm
  • 99% Uptime
  • Low Contention 2:1
  • Standard Business SLA
  • Upgradable
  • Uncapped
  • Unshaped / Symmetrical Full Duplex
  • No Fair Usage Policy
  • Pricing allocated for Fibre
  • 1 X Public IP Address
  • Pricing is Subject to availabity / feasibility
  • Pricing Excludes VAT.
  • Excludes Voice V-Lan
  • (R390.00pm Exluding VAT)

Broadband Connectivity

How it Works

Broadband connections are an entry level service for businesses looking for a voice and data solution at a low budget.


The risk associated with broadband is network outages which can indirectly cost the business more than the savings low cost broadband provides, at Gravity Office Solutions we offer a primary broadband link backed up by a secondary connection carried by a different network giving you piece of mind.

Line Speed
36 Months
4 mb/s
R876.32 pm
6 mb/s
R1 051.75 pm
10 mb/s
R1 600.00 pm
20 mb/s
R3 050.00 pm
50 mb/s
R5 200.00 pm
100 mb/s
R8 340.00 pm
R1 500.00
  • Best Effort Uptime
  • Bandwidth Shape: Symmetrical
  • Uncapped