ZKTeco is one of the industry leaders in access control and biometric technology owning the most patents and intellectual property rights in the field. Their solutions include baggage management and entrance control of visitor and vehicle, as well as time & attendance, access control, and video surveillance via mobile app, desktop, web based and SaaS using their state of the art fingerprint, face, finger vein and iris for verification, and multi-biometric algorithm of fingerprint/face, finger vein/face and face/iris for higher-security verification.


For nearly three decades since, ZKTeco worked to share this highly developed biometric technology to benefit others. Based on their initial breakthrough technology, additional ZK innovations created the world’s first multi-biometric device, standalone fingerprint access control, and biometric access control panel.


Products Included:

Access Control, Biometric Security Solutions
  • Fingerprint Identification Terminals
  • Fingerprint Access Control & Time Attendance
  • Bluetooth Access Control Terminal
  • RFID Identification Terminals
  • RFID Access Controllers
  • RFID Cards
  • RFID Tags
  • Turnstiles
  • Flap Barriers
  • Automatic Access Gate
  • Swing Barriers
  • Parking Barriers
  • Walk Through Metal Detector
  • X-ray Inspection System
  • Time & Attendance Devices
  • Facial Access Control
  • IP Cameras
  • Smart Locks
  • Hotel Door Locks
  • Gate Automation
  • Guard Tracker
Access Control, Time & Attendance Technology, Entrance Control, Smart Locks

ZK-Teko Technical Data and Downloads