Reasons to Switch to a Cloud Based Switchboard (PBX)

Reasons to Switch to a Cloud Based Switchboard (PBX)

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More and more businesses are moving to networked communications because they are more agile, versatile and cut costs while boosting efficiency.
Scalability, lower costs or mobility – whatever your aim, switching to a cloud-hosted PBX System brings extensive benefits, right across the board. Here are 5 of the biggest.


1. Scalability

Having a Cloud PBX allows your business to have a phone system that will scale with you while balancing your budget limits. Generally, because there’s minimal physical equipment with a cloud based PBX solution, they typically operate on a subscription basis that can be sharply scaled up (or stripped back) at little warning to meet changing demands.

The provider will manage the upscaling or downscaling, while the most a business will have to move around is the handset and cables for any new employees that they take on.


2. Lower and Quicker Initial Outlay

Cloud-hosted systems, by their very nature, come with minimal infrastructure demands and all of the hardware is hosted by the provider – that means far less capital expenditure for your business at the outset.

Cloud PBX can save you up to 60% as compared to traditional on premise PBX, as you won’t have pay for the upfront cost of renting and maintaining the hardware and desk phones.

Along with lower initial costs, you’ll also benefit from quicker set up times. At Gravity Office Solutions, setting up cloud PBX services only takes two business days, which means that your team will be up and running very quickly.


3. A Cloud Based PBX Saves You Money Each Month

The cost savings don’t end with the initial expense on installing your system. Hosting your communications solution in the cloud also means that you don’t have to worry about paying for expensive repairs or equipment downtime and routine maintenance that often comes with managing all your tech in-house.


4. Minimise Support Stress

As a general rule, PBX systems are managed by third party vendors. This is fantastic news if you don’t particularly want to handle the day-to-day hassle of IT maintenance, troubleshooting and comms support.

Essentially, you will have a dedicated team of outsourced specialists ensuring that everything keeps running smoothly, allowing your business’ IT team to focus on bigger, more strategic projects.


5. Increased Mobility

If your company is trying to open up more flexible/remote working solutions and become more mobile overall, then cloud hosted PBX systems are the ideal solution.

Using your hosted PBX, you can hook up telecommuting workers or those based in disparate locations. They simply sign in and accept calls as usual, as if they were on site. Outgoing calls, too, are channelled through the company’s caller ID, meaning that clients are none the wiser.


If you’re looking to switch to a Hosted PBX system, click here and we’ll create a package tailored to your business needs.

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